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The World of 374

Alrighty, for starters:

My name is Carson Barry and since Friday, August 13, 2010, I have been 19 years old. I am also quite happily engaged and am tediously awaiting the day that my fiance, our, now two year old, son, and I will again be able to live in the same home. At the moment, I am bumming it out at the father's house, getting some bills paid, going to school, and of course, playing a little too much Halo. Oh yeah, and the time I spend with that really pretty girl thats always hanging around and bringing that adorable little kid that calls me dad, yeah, I like that part.

I'm a pretty chill person, personality-wise at least, but I get into just about everything: music, art, writing, electronics, computers, video games, philosophy, going fast, some sports, and even more that I can never seem to remember. I play drum set, guitar, bass, piano, hand drums (Congo, Bongo, Djembe), tympani, and mallet keyboards as well as compose music for varied instrument grouping and mix audio both recorded and live. I write poetry and exposition, with attempts at fiction on the side that usually burn out 10 pages in, and have been published a small number of times. I am also a photographer, both traditional and nontraditional illustrator, graphic designer, and personal hair stylist (that last one is a joke, I used to straighten my hair daily when I was younger). I don't get to do much with generalized electronics anymore, but I do get to play around with computers a lot, but haven't had to do much tinkering with my own since I got my Mac. I also like to get down and dirty with the classic example of virtual interactive entertainment known to the world as video gaming, and, as I'm sure you've surmised, I play Halo, and build pretty maps, and pretty guides on how to make those maps work. Most philosophy that I've gotten into has been when I've gone to long without sleep, or brought about by sudden epiphanies during discussion at school or with the little red haired girl who lives in my mind; she is very nice, but she doesn't like me that way (at least that's what I tell baby mamma). I have two sports that I truly care for, and those are Ultimate Frisbee and Badminton, both of which I excel at. These things coupled with an exceptional understanding of Mathematics, Physics, and Logic have led people who are not very intelligent to think I know everything, people who are rather smart to think that I'm full of it, and people who like coffee and muffins, especially together, to become my best friends. Oh yeah, I ski too, twin tips, mountains, backwards, and, everyonce and awhile, upside down.

So yeah, that's what I do.

I also have my own business, which I've more-or-less been ignoring for a few months now, titled Big Pixel Productions (<-- Link). Earlier this year I switched from my hosted domain to simply run it from a Facebook Page to save the money I wasn't earning during the school year because I couldn't take any jobs.

Finally, to top it off, I have an archived collection of all the things I've created that I feel are worth sharing with the world, The Slanted Mind of Carson Barry (<-- Link). If anything, read the poetry, some of it is actually rather tolerable for dudes (chicks dig it).

Anywho, I'm not some conceited asshole hopping around the internet flinging his trench coat open because he thinks he's got something worth showing, I'm just a pretty fired up dude with tons of stuff that I like to do and loads of stuff on my mind. I'm in love with being alive and I'm here to leave my mark, in as many places as I can, in as awesome of a way as possible, every time, all the time.

Stay 1337.