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Thursday, October 14, 2010

And the Train Kept a' Rollin'... [BIG UPDATES]

...Just don't stop.

PRECAP (Like a recap, just earlier) : Invasion and Spawning Guides have seen Major Updates, more below.

Hits are slowly climbing back up to what they used to be, thanks much for the support, but I've still noticed that no one is commenting. I've continuously told you, my readers to challenge information if you think it to be wrong or to help me add to the collection. I DO get hundreds of UNIQUE hits everyday, and I am looking for others to help with the upkeep of this site; but all I have at this moment are persons I trust that aren't competent enough to make original content with this kind of content and competent persons I don't quite trust with access to the finer points of this page.

Start commenting and this will become more than just a resource with an attached image gallery (of only one person's work, which I would like to rectify), it will become an online community in itself. We've already got more Forge 2.0 Technical content than ANY other location online, INCLUDING Johnny O'Than' s new "ForgeWorld" group. 

I would like to thank him, however, because he has finally provided the few nuggets of information that I have been trying to discover for some time now relating to Spawn Ordering and Respawn Influencers. But, before I get into that, and the implications he seems to love to ignore to explain (that, my friends, is the edge I will ALWAYS push myself to have), I'd like to remind everyone that the Invasion Guide has seen another installment and has only 2 or three more to go before I'll deem it complete, which shouldn't be long now.

Also, to anyone who may or may not read this, I am not conceited, nor do I find myself better than Bungie, I, just like anyone else with even an average intellect, am simply able to tell if their is more water (information) in one glass (my blog) than another (Bungie's Guides).

Click "Read More" to see the rest of the information on Respawn Influencers (Regular, Weak, and Anti Respawn Zones) or go to the side bar and check the Spawning Guide to see if I've had a chance to update that bit yet.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Roll The Dice...

...'Cause it's time for the End Game.

I've been working as around the clock as possible to finish up the comprehensive Invasion Guide, making visual aides, writing bits here and there, finding the right wording for processes and concepts, and making sure I take into account that I am biased towards explosions.

The latest addition, even newer than the stuff I haven't shown you yet, is the super delicious map, currently known as End Game, and guess what. I've got SCHREENSHAWTS GALORE.

You are about to do this right hur...

0.0 .... :D

...so click to see the rest.