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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Invasion Guide has seen Big Updates.

Check it out peeps! There is a link to the guide in the side bar, so click it to get there. I have added large amounts of information on both Spawning AND Objectives as well as helpful information for when and where to use them and in what ways.

Coming soon:

More Visual Aides

Invasion Slayer Guide

More Map Construction Help

Guide to Gated Items

Also, I PUT SOME MORE PICS UP! In the "My Maps" link to the left, I've put up more maps, and more images. For some reason, it hasn't completely updated and is showing a draft version of the post, when I fix that, it will show even MORE. So yeah, check that out and hit my File Share for anything you think you might like.

Stay 1337.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hoarders? EW, GROASE!!!

So mister G-Perf (like the only guy who actually comments on this damn blog more than once) did some dirty with some Game Type settings and a baby popped out. It became known as Hoarders, a variant on Headhunter where all players are fully camouflaged, have evade, and posses sniper rifles with infinite ammo and a one hit kill ability that literally knocks 'em dead. Here's the catch: The capture point doesn't spawn till the 10 seconds before the end of the round, and it covers the entire map. The point of the game is to gather as many skulls as you can, and then hide, the main problem? More like problems, you have multiple other invisibles trying to kill you the whole time AND, if you happen to be holding a skull, you lose your motion tracker! Add to that that you can only carry up to 10 skulls and you begin to understand this beast's intentions.

So far it's been pretty successful, with the only issue being host switches, which reset respawn and spawn timers; this essentially voids the entire current round, but makes for some fun gameplay when the stakes cease to exist and every one is running and gunning all at once.

Basically, I got bored and decided to do some thinking. I haven't noticed any custom maps being used for Hoarders, nor did I see any maps that really worked well with the coupling of this game type with smaller rosters of players. This led to taking pencil and inking pen to paper and making glorious scribbles.

Basically, I drew two maps and some other stuff. 

I feel that the "skull catch" is the most interesting, and I feel I could use it in many different situations. The concept works like a basket with a funnel that makes the skulls that fall "off" the map fly into the sky and either fall "on" the map or take the trip again.

The thing you see below that is a concept for a Hoarders map for up to 6 people (more if testing proves otherwise). It is 4 wall doubles by 4 Wall doubles with two floors. 3 ways up, 11 down, and walls everywhere(ish), it should make for more interesting gameplay for those smaller games. It should also work well for small slayer matches.

Now, for the other one, little bit in the corner. Imagine a capitol "O" with a capitol "H" over it, that is the shape of the four stacked floors. On either side, there are stairs that go either up or down to the next level. One would have to do a vertical zig zag to reach the top. It, being on bridges, will have a skull catch, which I will take SS's of. It also should have purple, next gen, and color blind along with forced color Gold for when they players move and lose slight bits of camo, to make it easier to see them.

Moar Later