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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Best Practices For Map Design Workflow

When designing a map, it is best to follow a workflow that allows you to have the

least issues when it comes to non-tangibles, such as objectives and spawning.


Place all of your objectives FIRST, somewhere out of the way (where you don't plan on your map being, such as the Coliseum, unless of course you decide to use that area, which I myself have). Then place some spawn points with them, don't worry too much about areas unless the game type requires them (I am, of course, talking about Hill Markers tagged as respawn areas and not Respawn Zones themselves). Now that you have the nuts and bolts of the map placed, test it to make sure you've done things correctly; does the grid/shield disappear after the second Invasion stage? Does the Blue Team spawn in the correct place(s) when their flag is away? home? If the answers are agreeable, begin to design the actual framework of your map and follow the rest of the proposed workflow, ending with moving the already placed objectives and spawns to the correct areas instead of doing their initial placements, or, if you feel that your mind works on a wavelength to far from mine, the one you have essentially asked for help by reading this, go ahead and shoot in the dark. Of course, if you are more comfortable with your own order of operations, please adhere to it, I'm just taking the opportunity to be an ass.


1) Build your map, taking note where you will want to place certain things, such
as vehicles, spawn related items, objectives, and weapons, but do not place any.
DO take time to make sure vehicles will fit.

2) Place gadgets, such as Shield Doors and Man Cannons.

3) Place Vehicles and Weapons.

4) Place Objectives.

5) Place Spawn Items.

Test map between ALL stages, except 4 & 5, which require that you exit Forge, and after "finished." Then, fix it, because you know you missed something during design, we always do.

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