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Make mention of all items in your map related to the issue, i.e. if you are having an issue with spawning, list information on spawn points, respawn points, safe and kill areas, and zones INCLUDING what teams they are set to and if you have tagged them AS WELL AS Hill Markers tagged for spawn functions. This basic idea applies to ALL situations, like objectives, spawning items, and anything else you can think of.

Let me know if you see something that you've figured out and I haven't answered, it'll save me time. I might paraphrase it, but I'll give you credit via listing your gamer tag.

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Complain that Forge is broken because something refuses to work (such as having kill zones spawn in during a game rather than at the start in game types other than Invasion).

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MapName And/Or Gametype

Game Type Settings (if changed from normal)

Issue (A LIST if more than one, options include: spawning, objectives, tagging, teams, game type, tools, items, general map building)

Related objects placed on map with information on tag and such (list as much as you can from item options and advanced menus) separated by issue.

Describe issue.

Example: (actually happened)

The Ardly374

The Bladed Isle, Invasion

items, objectives

A building not spawning during the game, my core will spawn, but I have nowhere to drop it.

I have a building not spawning during my game, it's rather important as the bomb plant point is on the second floor suspended in midair without it. I have changed the settings on accident thinking I had something else selected, but I put them back to default and nothing changed.

I placed a capture plate, set the tag to inv_objective and the spawn order to 3 with it set to the attacking team, blue for elites, but I can't score the core!


Delete the building and then replace it. (worked very well)

Set the shape to either cylinder or box and make sure it has an area. (that was a big dur da dur moment for me, it had been a long day)

If you follow this, you will not only receive precedence, but you will get a better and faster answer period.

Lazy people post vague questions that must be answered by more questions, usually more than once, to make it so that the person helping them even understands/confirms what is wrong, much less think about a fix. This takes ALOT longer than just asking correctly. This isn't Radioshack or BestBuy, you have no excuse for not knowing enough to fill the above form out, everything is spelled for you and listed with easy access to it.

Thanks for understanding and be good; I'm here to help, I just can't do that if you wont help yourself at the same time.


The first few were submitted before the format was available.


I'm building a race map on forge world (it uses ALL of forge world) and though I haven't opened it up in the race game-type yet, due to me only trying to make the actual track, I ran into a issue that I need to consider at this stage:

When a player dies, how do I make sure they re-spawn at the re-spawn point closest to their most recent checkpoint, and not at one near the begging or end of the track?

Also, I've made a new gametype where one guy has to run to 5 points and see how far he gets. the next round someone else tries.there are 4 players, so the other 3 are at fixed positions trying to stop him.like arnie in that film, you are the running man. It plays almost as good as it sounds except for 2 things:
I use territories for the points(team rally unavailable), but it only lasts for 4 rounds instead of 8? the second thing is that spawning the red player to be running man in round 1, then to be a sentry guy on round 2, etc. doesn't work! I set spawn orders correctly (order 1 means round 1 right?) and the spawning is random! please help me, because I can play it but i have to use teleporters at the start, on a 30 sec. spawn. and for 4 rounds only. forge = broken?

p.s. I also get a gamertag not allowed to upload map, type message when I try to upload map.So don't expect to see it until bungie sort it out(Death Orb isn't offensive}

A1 (SteakSaws):                                   (<- XD)

For the first one:

I know that when you use the Race game type, and die, you are supposed to spawn at the last checkpoint you made it to. But that's only if you don't place any respawn points. You only need initial spawns, set to the race spawn tag, at the start of the "track."

Number 2:

You have your "track", where the runner has to travel across, with an initial spawn point at the beginning and up to five territories along its way. Then you will end up having to have 3 other areas, all separate (so as to not allow the other players to kill each other) or with them spawning on a custom power-up that makes them invulnerable for the full 90 seconds possible, linked to the "shooting ranges," where they will be assaulting the runner, either by walkable path or teleporter. Don't place any respawn points, Just initial spawns, and leave them neutral (only place 4). It should alternate randomly, which was just fine for similar competitor/spectator game types in Halo 3. You should be using Territories adjusted to 8 rounds in the general settings. I just spent an hour experimenting with using anti respawns and initial spawns set to spawn orders for rounds and got no results.

Spawn orders for respawn points and initial spawns are, save for when referring to Invasion, one of the very few things I do not fully understand as of yet.

In terms of your gamer tag, someone could easily find it offensive, however, I do agree that it is not, especially in the way you are most likely using it to refer to something humorous. However, the word death is in the system as a red flag, much like other words that I'm sure you would agree should not be displayed in public situations but, like me, really don't have a problem with yourself. Because of this, it doesn't want the map showing up with your GT in the description. Sometimes, these stupid things happen; I just tried uploading a pic titled "Put an end to Spawn Camping," and it told e that it was inappropriate. I had to change the name to, "Spawn camping will be punished," which I would consider much more likely to be seen as inappropriate.

Fixed? Unknown.




KOTH (Crazy King variant called PARK with random 1 minute hills and random starting weapons)


Only 1 of the hills on the map ever appears in the game. All the other hills have the same object details but the hill just “moves” to the same hill over and over. All hills are set as game specific to KOTH_Hill.

I had the same problem on another map in which only three of eight hills would ever actually appear in the game.


Hmmm...I don't have time to experiment today...but it seems that your issue could easily be related to spawn order settings. However, if that is not the case, your other hills might not be showing up because of something in the game type settings, which I don't have memorized; Because of that, I am currently hunting down the guide I saw that had the all listed and will be posting it here as well. The only other thing I can think of would be that, you, like me, were doing a lot of flicking of the thumb stick while selection variables and possibly set the spawn time to never (I can never remember if that is the default, pisses me off) or place at start to false.

What I would say to do is open up a blank Forge World, and in the Coliseum, place a few hill markers, floating just above the ground (for safe measure), and set them to KotH_Hill, without changing anything else. Then test it. It would be a good idea to have the hills lined up left to right for this next part: set the spawn orders sequentially from 0-n (n being how many hills you have minus 1, I apologize for the calculus reference). And test it. Remember which one is which and see which ones don't spawn. Use 5 second or-so hills to make it faster,


Use those basic settings on you map if they worked (having all 0's or being sequential for spawn order and if the 0 in the second one didn't spawn, start at 1).

If it didn't work, this is most likely because you had the same issue as me with my building in my invasion map, which refused to spawn until game over. Delete them and replace them.

Now, I know what you're thinking, why not try that first? This is because I thought of it second and am very groggy. Do that first if you read the whole thing before starting. If that does not work, then try the experiment above.

Fixed? Pending.


  1. HeavensGuard92

    Bomb Rush, Neutral Bomb Assault

    No objective after picking up bomb

    I have placed capture plates and labeled them AS_Goal, given them to their respective teams and made sure that they are spawned at the start. However, every time i tested the map, the moment i pick up the bomb there is no waypoint for the bombsite and even when i haed over to the enemy bomb arming location, the bomb does not arm. i made the capture plates game specific, spawn order 1 ,and both for symetrical stuff

  2. Did you make sure to give them an area? You need to make sure that they have a shape setting, with values other than zero. It should look like a territory does in game while you are looking at it. If you still have issues, use Hill Markers. If you have issues after that, add me and we'll get them figured out.

  3. GamerTag: Duo Is Pro

    MapName/Gametype: Tower Point 2, BTB slayer and multi CTF

    Link: http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/FileDetails.aspx?fid=9203428&player=DUO%20IS%20PRO

    Game Type: normal.

    Issue: Spawning

    Description: the map has initial spawns for red and blue team as well as respawns. They worked fine in the previous versions, but now in newer versions of the map the red team has suddenly started spawning in the coliseum and hemorrhage and immediately dying. I have scoured the areas and can't find any spawn points in them. I need help or a way to reset all spawn points on the map so I can do them over.

  4. @Duo Is Pro

    Things I Know: The reason they are spawning at those locations is because those are the spawn points built-in to Forge World to function if there are none that are available to the players. You will never find them.

    Things I Need to Know to Help:

    Things you've told me:

    You have used initial spawns and respawns

    The spawn system did work at one point, but has stopped

    The Game engine is ignoring your spawning system for some reason

    Things You Haven't:

    Are the spawns or respawns set to teams?

    Are the spawns or respawns Tagged in any way?

    Are they set to Game Type Specific?

    Are you using Spawn Influencers?

    Can you find YOUR spawns and respawns that you placed?

    I'm not enough of an ass to ask you to clarify before offering help, so here goes (read the whole thing before starting):

    Begin by setting all of your initial spawns to the respective team that you would like to be using them, and remove all tags, etc, so that they are just as they were when you placed them, but set to a team.

    Do the same thing for all of the RE-spawn points, but leave them set to Neutral rather than to a team.

    Now, make sure you are in CTF editing mode. If you have CTF Respawn Zones, make sure they are set to the right team, and correct tag. If you don't, place some, using Hill Markers with the respective Tags. If you don't know which ones do what, check the tagging chart in the link to the left. During CTF, players will ONLY spawn inside those hill markers, so they need to be placed over RE-spawn points.

    Back to Basic Editing. Using Respawn Zones, set to each team, define their territory, you can do this with as little as two Respawn Zones, but depending on the shape and layout of the map of the map, you may need more to be precise. Then, using Anti and Weak Respawn Zones, set to neutral, define where you would like players to spawn less, and more, often, respectively, within their own territories.

    ALSO: If you would like to start from scratch when doing these things, either select or place an item (be it a spawn, respawn, spawn influencer, etc) and, while grasping it, press "B" and select "Delete All." This will delete all items of the same name THAT HAVE THE SAME TAG. If you have 5 Hill Markers Placed, but 4 are set to CTF_RES_ZONE and only 1 is set to CTF_RES_ZONE_AWAY, and you do this while holding one of the RES_ZONE's, it will only delete those four (even if they are all set to different teams). Repeat for all items you would like to get rid of. DO THIS IN BASIC EDITING FOR BEST RESULTS.

    Forgive my caps lock, those bits are simply emphasized, because I don't feel like using HTML.

  5. @Duo

    Didn't have time to look at the map, Finals are here, best I can do right now, sorry bro.

  6. ok thanks, i will try deleting them all and redoing them later and let you know how it goes. as for the missing information they are set to either red or blue team and fixed position, nothing else has been changed on them. meaning no tags, no influencers, not set to game specific for initial spawns, respawns, and respawn zones. Can i find them? meaning can i see them? yes i can.

  7. well the map was fine we were just the wrong team colors in the custom game lobbies, which i now now can be changed with the bumpers. is there any way to set the game or map to red vs blue like in match making?

  8. What teams are the Spawns set to? They should be set to Red and Blue in the map, same with the Influencers.

  9. Gamertag: Pulse Cloud

    Name of the map: Litos (it's on my File Share, in case you have to see it)

    Gametype: I DON'T KNOW! (This is the problem)

    Issues: Objective, Gametype

    Related objects: Currently none, because I don't know what to do.

    The problem:
    I was wondering if there's a gametype or if there's the possibility of creating one for something like this:
    - Two teams: Red and Blue
    - Each team has one static Hill they must defend (and one they must attack)
    - The Red team can only score on the Blue team's Hill by being inside of it, gaining X points for each second inside (and vice-versa)
    - There is no Hill capturing
    - The game ends after one team reaches Y points or the time runs out

    I think it's basically the merge of King of the Hill (you step inside to make points and you don't capture anything) and Territories (the Hills belong to the teams, ie, the Hills are not Neutral). Oh, and the Hills are fixed.

    It's NOT 3-plot Territories, because on 3-plot the Hills are Neutral and you get points by OWNING the Hills.

    I just can't seem to create this gametype! :/

    Thanks a lot! :)

  10. Gamertag: Pulse Cloud

    Name of the map: Reach's Edge

    Gametype: Basically "Race", but on foot. (this is the problem)

    Issues: Objective, Gametype

    Related objects: Currently none, because I don't know what to do.

    The problem:
    I have created a map that's basically for Single Player Foot Racing, ie, you go through a series of hurdles and impossible jumps at 300% speed, infinite Sprint and with Invincibility to get from the start to the end. Basically it's a HARD, high-adrenaline racing game. :)

    Now, players don't know where to go, so I want to make Hills that show you the way. Just like Checkpoints on Race, the Hills appear sequentially and almost instantly disappear after you're inside them.

    Each Hill, or Checkpoint, gives you 1 point, so after, for example, 25 points (25 Hills), the game ends because it means you've reached the last Hill, ie, the end of the track.

    I just don't know how to do this! Is this even possible?

    Thank you a lot! And sorry for posting two questions, but the folks at the B.net Forums didn't even bother trying to help me... :/

  11. @Pulse Cloud

    You're running in to issues that I've heard of many times in messages on Bnet and here, so bear with me when I say that you aren't going to get what you want when it comes to developing these, but you will be able to get close, and that that will just have to be what it is.

    For the Territories/King of the Hill Game, use either regular Territories or 3 Plots, but place only two, and have the game type mirror that. Set the capture time to 30 or 45 seconds. Teams will have to spend the first short bit capturing their territory, but because the whole team will be there, it will go quite quickly. Both team's will gain a steady stream of points throughout the game, the goal is to sit inside of the other team's territory and contest it, which negates their point gain (changeable in the GT Settings, but default is what you want). Make sure the Style is set to Symmetric in the GT settings.

    For the other one, use land grab, you can only use up to 5 Territories (effectively), so space them wisely. Set the capture time to one second, bingo, it's all good.

    Either way, please let me know if this was helpful, feedback is imperative.

  12. @The Ardly374

    Thank you for you help! It worked flawlessly!


    One-bomb Assault

    Some tweaks to times nothing major

    Spawning/Game Function

    Spawns, respawns, bomb plant, and bomb goal

    I have a one-bomb assault map in the works and and the bomb and spawning all works just fine in general assault but when i go to one-bomb which is what it was designed for the intending attacking team (red) is set to defense and the intended defending team (blue) is set to attack as a result neither team can access the bomb and score. I would prefer to avoid swapping the team colors if possible as it would affect every piece on the map

  14. First off, if you set Items to TEAM COLOR and then set their Team to RED and BLUE respectively (CAPS is for settings selections, not emphasis), the item will only turn that color when that team is available for choosing. In RvB games where spawns switch on rounds (all games with multiple rounds), the Team ownership setting will also switch. You ever notice how in round two of Invasion, the Elites are red and the Spartans are blue? Yeah, same thing.

    Except for Invasion Games where Spartans are attacking, Blue Team is ALWAYS the first round attacker. You cannot get around this. Switch the colors on your spawn points or it wont work.

    Disclaimer: In Infection, Blue Team is the Zombie Team and Red Team is the Human Team, the spawns don't switch on rounds (from what I can tell).

  15. My friends and I are making an Invasion map, but we can't get the teleporters to work for both teams. The only setting we changed was the teleporter channel, which is Victor. All of the other settings are identical to the way they are when you first place a teleporter. We've tried deleting them and placing new ones, but nothing seems to fix the problem.