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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Halo: Reach Cribz (New Screen Shots!!)

Ok, soooooo I've made 40+ maps in Forge 2.0, not including ones for testing objectives on weapons and vehicles or sending people flying into each other on spawn; however, I've only be unlazy enough to place the essential spawning and objective functions on a few.

Since I'd like to consider myself as being somewhat better than complete crap at forge (basically, I just want there to be some basis for people believing I know my stuff), I'd like to share them here as well.

So, I will make a list, a list of what maps are done, what maps are in progress, and what maps are in the concept stages of development, in that order, starting, with a link to my file share so you can see which ones are currently available via moi.

File Share

Also, forgive my filler text, I'm running short on time (There are maps for all of the filler text, and then some), and, if you do check out the maps, let me know what you think, and, if you like them, make sure to do it on Bnet too!

Also, I've taken to classifying the in-progress maps via a Tiered System:

Tier 9 - Planning/Conceptual

Tier 8 - Layout of the map has begun

Tier 7 - Structures have been constructed and Paths are clear

Tier 6 - Augmentations, such as Man-Cannons and Shield Doors have been applied

Tier 5 - Aesthetics have been created

Tier 4 - Weapons and Vehicles have been placed

Tier 3 - A Spawn System has been created

Tier 2 - Relevant Objectives have been placed

Tier 1 - Map is in use/testing/adjustment cycle (indefinite)

Tiers can be completed out of order, but I wont say a map is Tier 2 unless I've settled on the Aesthetics, even if Weapons, Spawns, and Objectives are all there.


Coagulation [Halo 2 Remake] TIER I

Works with all objective game types save normal Invasion, but does work with Invasion Slayer, a much better fit for the map. I have, since this posting, updated the map many multiple times, and the Falcon you see is no longer there, nor are the color discrepancies on the bases.


The Bladed Isle [Invasion Map] TIER I

Elites spawn in coliseum, "drop" onto beach of the gulch, plant a bomb by the cave, and then assault the island and steal the core. Spartans defend their posts as valiantly as they can, but their first line of defense, a power house Scorpion, does not respawn (the one in the third phase will). Full support for 8v8 gameplay.

It has its own game type, Invasion: The Bladed Isle.

Super Grifball Court [KotH, smear the queer/keep away game] TIER I

A Golf Ball, Tin Cups, and Land Mines (in the Tin Cups to keep the Golf Ball from sticking and to kill people who aren't looking where they're going) abound. THE BALL IS THE HILL! Have fun, and try not to die toooo much, ok? You can only jump in the hill unless you have Jet Pack.

It has its own game type, Super Grifball Arena.

The Thunderdome [Arena] TIER I

Good for Slayer and just about nothing else. This is the Gladiator, Mortal Combat, and Arena (Halo 3), solution. It has room for up to 8 spectators, that makes 10 players. The floor is a grid, which makes putting some custom fight areas down really easy. (will be modifying to make 'Splarena for Shoop da Whoop!, game type that I had in Halo 3; lasers in a room with lots of shields and grav lifts)

I have developed a game type, "Gladiator," for this map. (Currently, the map does not play as intended, but is still fun. If you are stuck in a room, suicide will get you out, and you wont lose points)

U Turn [It only does everything] TIER I

In the colliseum, think avalance but smaller. Started out as a horseshoe Conquest map, eventually, I'll have a version for that. The Warthogs gets around ok, but I'm thinking about replacing them with Mongooses, which will be a definite for FFA. 

Bone-Saw [Slayer(Team/FFA)/Infection/Headhunter/CTF/Stockpile/Assault/Territories/Juggernaut] TIER I

A map Inspired by Narrows and built like a beggars grip on a nickel, tight. Keep your cool and try not to get ambushed from too many sides at once,  k?

The Gridiron [Invasion] TIER I

Specialty Invasion Map with it's own Game Type, Running the Gauntlet. Meant to emulate popular sports, while steering clear of being too much like Griffball.

Steeple-Gate  TIER VIII

I was thinking about Headlong and A 3 Legged Goat's Forge-City idea when this one came to be. I'm playing with the same concepts I used to create Bone-Saw from the concept of Narrows, making it my own and tightening the spaces.

High Rise TIER IX

Same Idea as Ivory Tower, but with and Industrial Warehouse vibe, think Headlong inside Ivory Tower, yeah, that's more like it.

End Game [Working Title] [Invasion] TIER IV

The Falcons Fly Again! (Did I say that out loud? Oops...) Take the fight to the island, but stay out of the range of their Anti Air Battery, the Spartans damaged the IFF Relay (Friend/Foe detector), so that goes for the defenders too! (Soft kill for first phase over base) Once you've taken down their defenses, you have to blow the doors off of the bunker inside the Fortress and garner the location of the Power Core. Find it in the Mausoleum, and take it to the Altar and put and end to the Tyranny of Sangheili Rule.

Castle Breaker [Working Title] [Invasion and Reg Variants] TIER IV

A heavily adorned Keep designed for the sole purpose of surviving Sieges, whilst letting the King still look good in his Throne Room. The Sangheili must breach it's walls and retrieve their ship's reactor to escape this world. Capture the outer wall to lower the drawbridge, and destroy the throne to reveal the Core. Then you must fight your way out of the Castle as the reinforcements arrive.

Trifecta [It only does everything] TIER IX

The towers are roofed by two [Corner 4x4]s (I will use brackets around object names from here on out) and are the same dimensions the whole way through. They basically serve as staircases and pillars for the rest of the map. 

I've traced out some movement paths with colored lines.

Fun-Dation [It only does everything] TIER IX

What if Foundation had more levels? Yeah, I'm gonna do it.

Twisted Cathedral [I'm thinking ZOMBIES] TIER IX

Salvation: Now served at Mach 1 with a side of lead.

Castle Halo [it does everything] [NIXED/WILL REDO] TIER X?

Huge castle on the island.


This map is in Alaska. No, really, it is. Think warehouse, on a bluff, with zombies. It even has Kill Balls topping the trees, just like Christmas. Tier 7.

Stackloop [Crazy Slayer Games] TIER II

This one is on the thing where they put Pinnacle, yeah. Think spiral stair case, meets loop-da-loop, meets tower of power, meets a bunch of Banshees, meets loads of floating kill balls, and man cannons on giant swords. We sell Depends (big boy diapers) at the door.

The Climb [Infection, maybe others] TIER V

It is NOT a Miley Cyrus song. Just an interesting bulbous structure in the water. Has some cool infection holdout zones. Tier 5.

Distilled [Infection, Invasion, Assault, Ctf, Territories, Slayer] TIER VIII

I have not yet returned to this map. It will be for Asymmetric Games ONLY and will also have a compact Invasion Variant to go with it.


Convoy Map, Car is Safe Haven, multiple cars to reach, zombies are fast and their melee is very powerful, but low shooting power, they have heavy weapons to make driving difficult.

Space Race:

Super cool banshee race map with a huge tunnel or something being the track and kill zones and such helping out. Gonna use the cave.

Triathlon Map:

Uses multiple vehicles, land/air Race.

Mega Race:

Uses most of, if not all, of forge world. ramps from bottom of canyon to alaska and montana areas and then, if possible (to not be killed), huge launcher to island. Will most likely use teleporters.


Maps by the waterfall in the water. I just really wanna build there.

Let me know what you guys think, I'll be sure to post maps that I find that are worthwhile as well. I'm planning on making an archive of all the good remakes too. I'm working on Waterworks, but I don't see it happening the way I want just yet, so maybe I'll have to do another Bone-Saw type deal there too.


  1. You should add pics of all the maps. It would help.

  2. I have some up in other posts, but I guess I just haven't remembered to update this one. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I'llbe putting the rest up tonight. at least one pic of EVERY map.

  4. Also, you should try and upload more of the maps to your fileshare so people like me who want to play them can!

  5. I have 7 maps up right now, Coagulation, Bone-Saw, Ascendant Nightmare, Grid Iron, The Thunderdome, Super Griffball Court, and The Bladed Isle are all up there.

    U-Turn should be back up soon, I'm just adjusting some stuff there, and then I'll finish up the Castle and End Game and put them up as well, rounding out the "Invasion Map Pack" (as it has been dubbed).

    I've got bunches of maps not even listed here that I'm keeping secret, so keep your eyes peeled for those to show up.

  6. Sweet! Thanks! What do the different Tiers mean? Like when you say a map is Tier 7 and such.

  7. I've put an explanation at the top.

  8. Hey I'm going to send you an friend request on LIVE. My gamertag is
    o Comanche o. I'm a good Forging buddy for feedback on the way things are built, aesthetics, and the such. Stuff like, I think this should built this way because the design of that building doesnt fit the rest of the map, etc. But I only get on during the weekends due to school.

  9. It's all good man. I can't think of words that make me saying this next bit make sense, but it should help:

    Remember that screenshots taken while connected to Xbox Live don't need to be put on File Shares for other people to see or so you can download them, the recent screenshots dealy in your Bnet profile will show them, and you can download the there. Thats what I use to avoid filling and deleting my file share when I put these pics up.

    With you only being on during weekends, it would help you stay involved with collaborative map construction and keep others posted if they don't have as much time on the weekends (like me). Some weekends I'm on a lot, others, almsot not at all. So yeah, as soon as this damn update gets done, I'll confirm you.

  10. What's the update you're working on about?

  11. I was referencing the new Xbox 360 Dashboard UI (User Interface) Update they did for Kinect; I was waiting for it to finish while typing that bit up, and couldn't do anything with adding anyone till it was done.

    I am working on loads of updates to the site as a whole as well, but those are (secret).

  12. Oh ok I figured you meant you were currently writing an update for the site. What are your normal hours for being on LIVE? When are you usually on?

  13. I'm on your blog, commentin' yo shit!