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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hmmm....That Works.

Interesting facts about weird tagging behavior:

1) If you set a weapon to the Oddball spawn, the Oddball, if forced to respawn, will spawn at that weapon or whomever is holding it. Same for the bomb in Assault (you can sneak to the other base with the spawn weapon, have someone else mislead with the bomb, jump off the map or get the bomb reset, have it spawn on you, and then score like a king.)

2) If a Golf or Soccer Ball is set as the Flag Spawn/Return in Ctf (and given an area) the flag will spawn right next to the ball, and the ball, now the return point (where you need to bring the opposing team's flag and also where your flag will reset if moved, dropped and reset) can be moved about the map as a portable capture point and spawn point.

3) If a ball is set to the Stockpile Flag spawn: 
a) A flag will spawn next to the ball.
b) If the ball is moved, up to three flags will spawn near the beginning of its movement.
c) If the ball is moved and the flags have not been picked up or dropped into the capture areas, they will reset to the ball, but only one will spawn till it is moved.
d) If the ball is in a Tin Cup (one that is not the capture zone), it will spawn more (up to 4 total) flags if hit hard enough (spawned one by itself, shooting got me one, punching got me another, and the rocket got me the last one, which was the maximum).
e) If the ball is in the capture zone, it will not spawn flags. As Tin Cups have a very strong magnet effect on the Golf Balls, this could be a very useful way to "time out the clock" in a close game.

I wonder....

Flag spawns and Weapons/Vehicles? Hills on weapons? Vehicles as assault targets? Grunts in space? (wait...we did that one)

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