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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

HAY! I've been working on some new maps.

I've been working on a sweet Castle Map for Invasion Game Types, it hasn't seen spawns placed just yet, nor objectives, but it HAS been set up so that the draw bridge is fully functional on the switch from Phase 1 to Phase 2 and the Throne slides to the side and a wall slides up on Phase 2 to Phase 3. Here are some kick-ass schreenshawts.

I also did some work towards one of my arena maps, The Thunderdome. I'm still working on fixing the teleporter spawn in's and will be releasing two versions, one for classic arena play, where two players fight to the death each round (the only issue I have found is that the game puts the same two players in the ring at once every round), and one for elimination and continuous games (which is already working quite well).

A spin off of this concept is also in the works where up to eight players can spawn in separate arenas, fight to the death, move to new ones, fight their new opponents, and continue till the last man is left alive. Teleporters will be used to force movement at the end of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd minutes of each round, and if both players are somehow still alive, they will both put in the next "ring."

I have some other maps that are complete or nearing completion as well, such as Bone-Saw, formerly known as Bellows, which has seen a redesign of the bases, as well as fixed objectives; it now supports Assault, CTF, Territories, Infection, Stockpile (don't trust me on that one) and Juggernaut.

U-Turn is soon to be revisited and adjusted to be more visually appealing.

Playing off of Godly Perfection's Inception Concept, I too have made some infinite loop-esque maps, including Ascendant Nightmare, a dark, vertical spiral, of crossed ramps and eerie ambient sound. Ascendant Night mare is finished and in my file share. I have also done considerable work on Hexception, where the direction of the ramps is influenced by hexagonal pillars instead of square based pillars and a version of his original with flipped ramps and lips to make travel between levels possible during games such as Flatline, a game type developed by Godly Perfection.

The End Game Map has seen only a few adjustments and I have tasked a few of my Xbox Live friends to finish the objectives and spawning so that the screenshots can be taken and the Invasion Guide finished.

My Coagulation remake has seen a serious overhaul of parts of the bases and some weapon layouts to further account for Reach scale and the optimum placement of objectives in the center offset by the imperative ROCKET SPAWN, as well as the addition of Active Camo, Oversheild, and the Banshee Carney Hole above Blue Base.

I can't think of much else that I'm doing, but be sure that it is a lot more than I could hope to fit in this post.

Keep reading, stay 1337.


  1. Good to see your progess on stuff bro. I wish I had the same kind of time to build sweet new maps like that... lol. Too busy helping people with their stuff like Conquest and what not. I only really have time to complete mini games and gametypes like Headhoarder and Minesweeper. lol...

  2. Funny, I actually need your help on Hexception, or at least, someone who is rather talented to help me finish the aesthetics and finally stop killing my eyes. Other than that, if you're on tonight, I really need to get testing done on the new version of Bone-Saw. Did you get a chance to see Ascendant Nightmare?