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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It must be a secret...

...because Bungie wont tell us shit.

Soooo…I've been working through spawn order items, sometimes alone, sometimes with a bit o' help. This morning, I got to do some spawn zone testing, with full consideration for both weak and high, and spawn order settings.

I don't have much time before I pass out, soooo…

Essential Bits:

From what we can tell, spawn order does not hold much, if any influence, over where you REspawn.

Respawn Zones are basically the devil and suck. Don't use them.

Weak Respawn Zones are much better for nixing spawn killing.

To be more precise, it seems that the point of respawn is chosen based upon where you died, and where enemy players are. When you have multiple respawn zones, you will spawn in the farthest one from your death, but when you have weak respawn zones, you will spawn farthest from death, relative to threats wither in, or near, a weak respawn zone. Mixing the two is fail, respawn zones beat out the other too much. 

Basically, make your map using WEAK zones with higher numbers for places you would like players to spawn more often.

I have some other info for spawn points and respawn points spawn orders, but I'm too tired to word it.

Another thing, I'd love for a Bungie Employee to just come out and tell us how the f*** this s*** is supposed to work. Johnny O'Than's guide is ok, much better than mediocre even, but he leaves so much information out. This is understandable only because the article is labeled to contain information only pertaining to tags, but outrageous because I'm sure he knows more about the Spawn Zones and spawn orders that he isn't telling.

Right now, my guide is the premiere location for Forge 2.0 Technical information and how-to, but I can't seem to make it better without someone a little higher up. BTW, finally looked in the instruction manual for Reach, great job sending us to a website (Bungie.net) that didn't have a guide, for days, and still doesn't have a competent one, Bungie. I'd love to see if you can figure out how that makes sense, right after you fire the guy who placed the initial spawns in Countdown and Zealot; it is so much fun to watch the other team spawn right before you, line up their shots, and kill your whole team within 3 seconds at the start of each game of SWAT. You guys need to learn how to use your tools.

I've taken steps to pry information from them (asked a question in O'Than's thread), I just hope the information in unambiguous.

Stay 1337.

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