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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Well... THAT took forever...

Sorry it's been so long, I've had a long week myself. Finals were approaching (which finally ended last night) and I had quite a few issues on the family front. Anywho, now that I have A WHOLE FRIGGIN' DAY off of work, and have no homework to speak of, or child to deal with, for that matter (Yay Grandparents!), I can get some work done here, for all of you. Be grateful my slaves (O.o).

But seriously, I've been pouring loads of time into my maps recently, and have a couple to add to the mix, as well as update a few that are there. Trifecta, one of the first maps I announced, is in progress at the moment, and looks gorgeous. I even discovered an Anti-Gravity trick last week that I've implemented  into the map, and will be using extensively for my Super-Grifball variant; I hope to make a special Game Type specifically for this anomaly, but that will wait.

Basically, you guys sit tight, I can't update as often as I used to, but I still do, and still will. I'll be spending this morning wrapping up some work on some maps, taking screen shots, and then, as soon as I am able, coming here to post them. Forgive me if they format badly, I'll be testing an app for my iPhone to see if it truly is a viable option for posting on the go.

So yeah, head back here later tonight and tomorrow and be looking for Stickler, Trifecta, a couple others (if I remember correctly), and some additions to the various guides.

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