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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Re-Inventing the Juggernaut

Alrighty, so, now that I've finally got some time to write, I've developed a slight backlog of posts! So be checking back every other day to see a new post for at least the next week. Right now, You'll be seeing my own article on the Juggernaut Game Type, with information on the different settings available and what they might mean for gameplay coming after I get a chance to look them over again. You'll also be seeing posts on the Race Game Type, with tips and tricks to help you craft masterful tracks from Zebra505, as well as a CTF article from UrM4mm4, the creator of Crucible, which I featured a few weeks or so ago. Hopefully we'll also see articles on Headhunter and at least one more Game Type in the same line up. I'll also be featuring another map, so keep your eyes peeled for that.


One would think that creating a play space for a game that entails an immensely powerful being running around decimating a group of people who are on a continuous quest to kill it wouldn't take much thought. They would be right, sort of.

The biggest point to make for Juggernaut, especially now that the Juggernaut is restricted to the Gravity Hammer, is that a map like Hemorrhage would not work very well; with the huge expanses that the Juggernaut would have to cross, vehicles that could dart and weave around him, dealing far more damage over a much greater amount of time than any other player could, and the few tight spaces available, players would spend most of their time grabbing those vehicles, and long range weapons, and take turns taking pot-shots at the Juggernaut as he hopelessly tries to find them, or cowers in the base or the cave. The Quintessential Stalemate ensues.

(If you haven't already, click below to see more)

So, what is it that makes a map play well for Juggernaut? Size, point blank, right in your face. Keep it at a good size and everything will be juuuuuuuust peachy. The scale should not exceed that of Powerhouse (I'm talking the actual play area, not that bullshit by the cliff, which is only an auxiliary space).

You also want to make sure not to make the map to radically vertical, as well as have plenty of cover for anyone who would like it, both to keep the Juggernaut unaware and help protect him from those outside of his Tertiary Threat Zone (the area he can reach within a few seconds and strike accurately). 

The point of Juggernaut is for the Juggernaut to be a Juggernaut, and Juggernauts kick ass. Tautology troll is tautological. JUGGEEEERRRRNNNAAAAAUUUTT!

But seriously, unless you are purposefully Un-Juggernauting the Juggernaut and turning the game into a hunt, the other players should fear the Juggernaut. The only guys not running should be the ones safely out of the way. Yes, some of us accept our deaths and stand and fight, but seriously, if you watch some recorded videos, people run their bawls off, all the time. Some of those same people are also the winners of those games too, very much a majority of the time. That being said, when his health gets low, the Juggernaut should have refuge as well, especially if you want you game to involve skill over luck, as a skillful player will seek out cover; otherwise, no matter how good he is, the Juggernaut will be decimated if he has no protection period. The Juggernaut should also be able to camp, but not for more than a few seconds at a time. It helps that he has a Waypoint above his head and that it is likely that he will never not be in someones sights, but if he were to run around a corner and wait for a second to bait someone in, he should be able to. A place like this should have at least one more other entrance exit than the one masterfully being used to bait by Mr. 'Nauty (LOL), so that 1) he can exit another way, 2) other players can assault him from that way if the baiting fails, and 3) grenades, grenades, grenades. Juggernaut has a lot of players being backed into walls by the Juggernaut, so grenade catches are a definite inclusion, and most not on purpose, keep that in mind, grenade spamming is the most effective way to lower the Juggernaut's health; DO NOT make it EASY to do this, but make it POSSIBLE.

Best bet:

Plan out a small number of open spaces, easily accessible from above, with ledges . Have multiple large structures obstruct the play area, to define these areas and control the flow of movement (I said define, not fill--think an outline, not coloring in). Have tight areas both indoors and out, at areas that would become choke points. Don't bother with more than 2 levels stacked above each other at any given point; you can have as many vertical levels for floors as you want, just keep them separate.

The map should feel very much like Powerhouse. Powerhouse was extremely well put together, and is very much a perfect Juggernaut Map. Just sayin'.

Game-Type Creation: [Under Construction]

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