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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Updates to PRO TIPS Section [12/14/2010]

The Pro Tips section has been updated, nearly quadrupling its content, with more on the way, the current line-up is as follows:

#1) Precision Editing

#2) "Game Type Specific" Toggle

#3) Man Cannons  (NEW!)

#4) Shield Doors    (NEW!)

#5) Health Packs   (NEW!)

#6) Devices
     - The Reactor   (NEW!)
     - Jump Pads     (NEW!)


BadCompany BrikJonzorz 124That SpazamatazCaptain FurglerGodlyPerfectionKirov 099, and Myself, The Ardly374.

You can access the page via the navigation bar to the left, or here (<---LINK).

It may seem like a minor update, but the information in these, however mundane, when used correctly, can make the difference between your make being playable and people wanting to play your map.

Be looking for moar updates, I just finished with school for the year, time to kick ass and take names.

ALSO! I started up (ok, I'm using the one I've had for 8 years) an AIM account to use for this site, on top of the already integrated chat function. The UN is "ardly374." Surprised? I thought not. Hit me up, but understand that I'm not your bitch, ok?

Stay l337.

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