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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Condiment Theory.


Ketchup makes things better.

If you would like to know why, or maybe even what this crazy guy is blabbering about (thats me!) check back after I have time to finish the post.

I gotta go to work.

Ponder in despair...mwahahahahah.


Ok, not necessarily mind blowing, but when I said to myself that map I was drawing up needed ketchup, completely without meaning it to mean anything, and it made perfect sense, I had to turn around and scrape my brain off the wall, as my mind was blown. So yeah, breakfast was interesting.

When one uses condiments, they are usually trying to add something to their "dining experience," whether it be flavor, texture, or what have you. The same can be said for many other things. How is this, you say?

Adding ketchup to a meal is basically the same as adding tomato paste, right? Of course not. It's the added sugar that makes it DELECTABLICIOUS (tm). Imagine for me what it would be like if Howie was opening the cases instead if all the pretty ladies on Deal or No Deal, yeah, you want the girls. The stands and cases are the tomato paste and the girls are the sugar. Howie is sugar too, just a different kind; for example if Bob Saget was the host, funny guy still, but a bad fit.

So yeah.

The map is called "Distilled" and will be on the gorge side of the island.

Check back later for when I get a chance to put up screen shots of all the things I'm working on.

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