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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I almost fell on my face...

...and I was already sitting down.

I just got this message:

Dear forge master,
i need to kno how to get my ctf map to work one flag show but the other wont and the capture plates wont capture. iv looked everywhere and nothing really tells me what to do please help me

I'll take it, but you can't have it back, the title that is. 

But naw, I'm MUCH better at tying my shoes. Best Rekkonize. Dude. l337 Masta Aglet in da house!! 

(If you got that, the cookies are in the back in the brushed metal jar, take one)

You guys are awesome, I really am thankful for the respect. Don't think I'm getting a big head, I just thought it would be an interesting post considering how the staff at the Orange Julius I'm sitting outside of reacted to my reaction. I rofled like a riding lawnmower on capitol hill. I mean, my XbLive friends have been calling me that for shits and giggles, although not sarcastically, for a while now, but to see it out of the blue from some one I don't know, I think is hilarious. I'm all sitting here like, "Who? Me? Naaawww..."

Also, this just goes to show, if you ask me a question, I might just post it. But I will also keep you anonymous, so please, ask away. 

And send people to the blog! The day I get 150 hits is the day you get the Modular (think legos) guide for Invasion. We're pretty close, and pretty steady, so just send some people on down.

Stay 1337.


  1. Looks like you are off to a good start. Hurry up and get to thousands of hits a day :P. lol...

  2. Maybe I will, that would be Steaktacular. (Pun Fail)

  3. The Hills are NOT alive...

    Couldn't comment on the help me page so I'm posting this here.
    Hope you can help.



    KOTH (Crazy King variant called PARK with random 1 minute hills and random starting weapons)


    Only 1 of the hills on the map ever appears in the game. All the other hills have the same object details but the hill just “moves” to the same hill over and over. All hills are set as game specific to KOTH_Hill.

    I had the same problem on another map in which only three of eight hills would ever actually appear in the game.

    (I know that I’m a totally novice forger and must be doing something stupid here but I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere online. You’ve got a great site full of really useful info and since you were willing to take questions I figured I’d at least ask. Thanks for taking the time to read this and whether you can help me here or not keep up the good work.)

  4. Did you make sure that each of your hills have a decent size of shape to them? The values of all of the shape metrics need to be at least 0.1 or else the hill won't spawn. I had to find this out the hard way working with Halo Tactics. If ardly can't figure out what's wrong feel free to msg me on XBL and I will check it out personally. My GT is also GodlyPerfection. Good luck on your gametype bro.

  5. First off, thank you for letting me know that it wouldn't let you comment on that page, I'll have a solution in the next hour or so. Understand that I will be doing some house keeping next week and this will probably get "moved" to the thread that I had mentioned there.

    Hmmm...I don't have time to experiment today...but it seems that your issue could easily be related to spawn order settings. However, if that is not the case, your other hills might not be showing up because of something in the game type settings, which I don't have memorized; Because of that, I am currently hunting down the guide I saw that had the all listed and will be posting it here as well. The only other thing I can think of would be that, you, like me, were doing a lot of flicking of the thumb stick while selection variables and possibly set the spawn time to never (I can never remember if that is the default, pisses me off) or place at start to false.

    What I would say to do is open up a blank Forge World, and in the Coliseum, place a few hill markers, floating just above the ground (for safe measure), and set them to KotH_Hill, without changing anything else. Then test it. It would be a good idea to have the hills lined up left to right for this next part: set the spawn orders sequentially from 0-n (n being how many hills you have minus 1, I apologize for the calculus reference). And test it. Remember which one is which and see which ones don't spawn. Use 5 second or-so hills to make it faster,


    Use those basic settings on you map if they worked (having all 0's or being sequential for spawn order and if the 0 in the second one didn't spawn, start at 1).


    Let me know if it worked, right here.

    If it didn't work, this is most likely because you had the same issue as me with my building in my invasion map, which refused to spawn until game over. Delete them and replace them.

    Now, I know what you're thinking, why not try that first? This is because I thought of it second and am very groggy. Do that first if you read the whole thing before starting. If that does not work, then try the experiment above.