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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Proposed Game Types, Both Currently Possible and Not.

I've been thinking lately and noticed that a file share isn't really the best way for sharing game types when one wants them to actually be shared.

If you want to see your game type listed here, post it in a comment, and I might just put it up. Be ready to get people together and play-test it and, if needed, fix it and play it again, if you get a friend request from me. I usually play from around 9pm to 2am Central Time.

Possible Game Types:

Super Griff Ball (KotH) [The Ardly374] (if I remember correctly)


- Set Golf Ball as Hill with either cylinder or box area with at least 0.7 for all size variables.

- Set forced color inside hill to orange.

-Players in hill get %300 Jump Height

- Loadouts:

Sprint=Focus Rifle

Armor Lock=Golf Club

Jet Pack=Grenade Launcher

Drop Shield=Sword

Evade=Rocket Launcher

- Modifiers

Player Health to 200%

Jump Height to 0%

Gravity to 50%

Considering having unlimited AA's and Bottomless Clip.

Convoy (Infection) [The Ardly374]

- Set a vehicle or other moveable object as the safe haven, have it last for a long time.

- Make the area large enough to move around in.

- Give the zombies grenades and either concussion rifles or focus rifles with sword and evade, sprint, or cloak.

- Make Vehicles Indestructible.

- Human Loadouts: Drop Shield/Sprint/Armor Lock/Jet Pack

- Place things that the humans will want outside of the convoy's protection.

- Place special effects: Purple and Next Gen.

- Modifiers?

Suicide Flag (Assault) [The Ardly374]

Set up Assault in reverse, with each team's flag and plant point in the other team's base and arm and detonate time to 1 second.

Star Killer (Assault) [The Ardly374]

Setup an Assault game type, with multiple load outs with drop shields.

Set a kill ball as the bomb plant point with an area that does not expand past the bounds of the kill ball OR place a kill ball UPON the usual bomb plant point OR place A BUNCH of kill balls around it so bunches of people have to use bunches of drop shields. (ignore that last one, I'm going crazy).

Impossible Game Types (as of yet):

Battle Ball {With Golf and Soccer themed variants} (Assault?) [The Ardly374]

Two teams fight to get their Ball to opposing team's Tin Cup/Goal and keep it there for a few seconds (or just get it there).

1 Point for kill, 20 points for score, Ball resets with score.

Need: to be able to set ball as bomb (not bomb spawn) and have it arm when magnet-ed to a tin cup/within a hill marker (because we can't carry them) OR a new objective game type.


  1. It is not possible to have flag-stands differ from plant/capture-plate points.

    Absolutely idiotic. But I'm afraid that it's true.

    I've tried everything.

  2. If you were referencing the Suicide Flag game type above, it isn't CTF, it's Assault, the word flag should have had parentheses around it..