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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Foundry is opened...

...and the fires are lit.

Sooooo, just got done with some forge-foolery with a really cool person, fellow forge guru, and the springboard that made me care enough to put this all together, Mr. Godly Perfection(<-link).

Got to see the new Helix re-imagining that he was working on, it was pretty sick. You could fit a tank through some of those hallways. Definitely a must play when he gets it done.

We also swapped some gameplay on a few maps. We ran through a round of his new Halo Tactics, where each player gets a turn of a few seconds to move and deal damage to their opponents. Went pretty well considering he's waiting on a bug fix from Bungie for it work the way he would like; the fix was foreshadowed by MLG peoples, so I'm going to guess it'll be there, as Bungie tends to kiss ass in that department. (Something I will scold them about later, they made the game, they make the ruelz)

We even got to do a run of my Super Griffball Arena Game Type (Originally, Super Huge Oddball Bonanza Death Game Yes!!!, which isn't allowed as a file share item name) on the Super Griffball Court.
GP, who groaned at its mention, he despises teh grifball (at least, the assault variant; side note: grifball should be more akin to oddball), thoroughly enjoyed himself, especially when he learned that the golf ball could trigger land mines, which are at the core of the 7 Tin Cups on the map to keep the ball, which is also the Hill (the game type is KotH), from sticking. He went on to spank me in score, but I did get a few nice head shots and an assassination in. I can't wait to get the full ten player roster in on a game.

The Super Grifball Map and game type are in my file share (<-Link) right now, so go ahead and check them out. If you like it and would like to make your own map, make sure you go into forge and look at the specifics of mine. 10 initial spawns, around edges, 4 respawns near center, minimum sides 3 (triangular map), at least one tin cup per corner on map (doesn't have to be in corner and you can have more) and one in center (does not count towards previous total (minimum of 4 tin cups period), land mines in all tin cups set to 5 second respawn, explosives around center tin cup, plasma battery to drop on ball (place fixed item in midair above ball, which spawns in middle tin cup, and place plasma battery on it and delete the fixed item, the battery will fall at the beginning of each round from now on and at its respawn which, like all explosives should be ten seconds or less) and start match, and vehicle cannons in all corners to send ball a little ways back in and players flying, AND a respawn zone for each spawn point that, all together, cover the map or most of it (if spawn points are placed facing the center, then players will always spawn facing the action).

I will make that better later. It is 4:31 AM. Good-Nigh...no...good-morni...no...go-zzzZZZzzzzZzz...

Stay 1337.


  1. Yeah the gameplay on your quirky griffball was actually kind of fun. The fact that objects trigger land mines in general is hilarious. I look forward to you finishing one of those competitive maps that you have in the background so I can rip it to shreds theory wise and help you make it better ;). You've got some great ideas, you just need work on some of your polishing here and there mainly. You had a couple of quirky spawn perspectives as well as some spawns with not so great smooth spawning. But your maps are definitely better than most that I have seen... lol.

    Keep up the good work bro.

  2. Gotta think, my workflow is very precise, build frame work, create movement, split/create sight lines, vehicle test, team spawns, respawn locations, weapons, objectives/respawn zones and areas, object refinement, aesthetics, and then spawn adjustment.

    I actually do most of it that way because of your lessons, and if I don't my adhd kicks in and I'm sitting there wondering why I ran out of kill balls to place on all of the spawn points.

    Does it have tires? Check. Will it run? Check. Steering? Check. Good, we'll put the seat belts in before we road trip to Vegas.

    But seriously, if you want to be around for the spawn refinement and such, feel free. I keep my party open for a reason.