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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Can Haz Game Type Specific? [Updated 9/30/10]

Because this thread seems to, for some reason be the most popular out of all of them, and because I receive zero feed back, I'm going to assume that this is due to people misunderstanding that this is where the information on making maps compatible is located. You are looking for the Visual Aides and Chart of Tags located in links to the left in the Site Navigation Bar.

Now, onto the nitty gritty. How to make items, like the tank, a man cannon, or a wall, etc spawn only in the game types you want someone to be able to use them. Say you want to block a certain path in Assault, or make it so that the "lucky" spawn only happens in FFA, this is how you would do it.

Making it so that Items only spawn in certain game types:

1) When entering Forge, make sure to select the game type you want to
restrict the item to, otherwise the tags you need will not show up.

2) Place, or select, the item you would like to make specific to that game type,
enter the edit mode (x), select Advanced.

3) Set game type specific to True and set the Tag to a game type specific
permutation (selection/variant, for those of you who didn"t get stuck reading
the dictionary in detention). Examples: "koth_hill" in King of the Hill for a Hill
Marker corresponding to the Hill itself or the "invasion" Tag in Invasion (the
latter of which changes nothing about the object except that it specifies that
it is only supposed to spawn in Invasion game types; these exist for all game types).

The tags for "team_only" and "ffa_only" are best accessed via Slayer editing, but will still effect game types like Oddball and Headhunter (examples of other game types that use both).

This will also effect your Forge experience.

If an object is set to the "infection" tag AND game type specific is true, it will not appear if you are editing in the Invasion game type, but will still be there. It will still appear in Basic Editing, which makes for a really great way to refine maps after testing them because you can test multiple game types, make a list, and then go back and fix it.

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